Hooping today is so much more than just trying to keep the thing going around your waist for a bit!


There are hundreds of moves you can do with a hoop for dance, fitness, freestyle and fun

...we teach over 160 moves in our classes!



Just come and try a class - the next Probestunden / Trial-classes / Intro-to-Hooping Workshops are listed below. And if you want to make hooping part of your regular routine, we have weekly courses - ten per week in Prenzlauerberg & Mitte - all taught by professional instructors/performers with over 2500 hours of teaching experience, on six levels from Beginners to Advanced.


About Hoopla! - We established Hoopla!Berlin and the Hoopla!Method™ of teaching hooping specifically to help 'everyday-people' get started and get the most out of using a hoop. Regardless of lifestyle, job, age or shoe size we believe everyone should try on a proper adult-size hoop to feel the fun, the health benefits and the nearly endless possibilities for movement inside this simple but amazing circle.


About our Hoops - There are many types of hoops out there today, we feel it is extremely important to use the right one for the right purpose. We've designed our hoops to be easy to learn with and easy to use for every body - they are different than small light circus / juggling hoops or the large heavy `exercise-hoops´ that you can typically find online. Hoopla!Hoops are modelled after the Original Californian Style Dance-hoops which started the 'new trend of hooping for adults' in the 90s ...we've updated the design using special tubing and a joint which enables Hoopla!Hoops to fold down for easy go-anywhere-transportability. Come and try one on to see what the Hoopla!s all about...


About Hooping in general - Not only is it loads of fun, the fact is that hooping is physically and mentally good for you! ...and we're not just saying that, it's actually based on physics: While hooping your body is making 100-150 movements per minute - about the same as running. These non-stop, no-impact rhythmic movements activate, strengthen and tone all muscles involved from the midsection, core, legs and glutes down to the toes and all the way up to the neck - the movements are of a pulsating nature (like what EMS does to your muscles) and nearly all muscles of the body are engaged for balance and counter balance. What this means is that while 'just playing with a hoop' you are getting a super-effective workout for the body ...and also your brain! The circular flowing nature of the movements and the multi-tasking required hugely improve fluid thinking, hand-eye coordination, reaction time and mental discipline. Kind of the reason why we call hooping serious fun!


Come try a class...





For Beginners

• Tuesday Aug22




60min lesson 15,00€

* Special offer: Probe+Hoop 50,00€ (incl. 3-colour 'grip' travel-hoop) *

Registration: classes@hooplaberlin.com - subject 'Probe'


* it's also possible to try a lesson in an existing course


Get moving & grooving...






• Sunday Sep03





75min workshop 20,00€

* Special offer: Workshop+Hoop 55,00€ (incl. 3-colour 'grip' travel-hoop) *

Registration: classes@hooplaberlin.com - subject 'Workshop'


Hoop regularly...




August 2017


Beginners L1 (Tu. Th. Su.)

• Essentials L2/L3 (Th.)

• Intermediate L4/L5 (Tu. Su.)

• Advanced L6/++ (Mo. Tu.)


8-lesson Course 120,00€

* Special offer: Course+Hoop 150,00€ incl. (3-colour 'grip' travel-hoop) *

Registration: classes@hooplaberlin.com - subject 'Courses'

* Class Hoopla!Hoops are provided to use for all lessons *



For more info & up-to-date class availability contact TeamHoopla...



Tel: +49 (0) 30 4404 5749

E-mail: classes@hooplaberlin.com




Any questions at all about

* Hoops and hooping in general

* What hoops & hooping can do for you

* Buying a proper adult-size-hoop

* The new Hoop-at-work initiative

* Hoopla!InterActive services

...we're happy to help!






For fresh hoopNews, new course & event dates >> connect with Hoopla! on Facebook @ facebook.com/hooplaberlin.fanpage

For hip-shaking 'HoopTunes' Mixes direct from Berlin >> check out our sounds @ soundcloud.com/hooplaberlin

Weekly lessons in Berlin...

'Hooping with a proper adult-size-hoop is so much fun - plus it's pretty good for your body too!!'


If you like music and to move your body to it, you will have a great time learning to hoop ...and whether you're an absolute beginner or already love hooping, whatever your hoopability we can find a course to fit your skill level.


Our Courses are split into 6 sections - L1 is ideal for absolute Beginners or if you're currious about hooping - L2 & L3 if you're already comfortable in a hoop and want to learn all the fun essentials - L4 & L5 if you're ready to dance and want to challenge yourself - and L6 is for flow and crazy combinations.


L1 Beginners Hoop Dance&Fit

L2 Hooping Essentials I

L3 Hooping Essentials II

L4 Intermediate HoopDance

L5 Intermediate HoopDance II

L6 Advanced HoopDance & Flow


The courses are taught in a progressive learning format and advance from level to level. Each course consists of 8 lessons - in each lesson you'll learn a number of new moves and techniques combining new moves with moves from previous lessons. All the moves are taught step-by-step with two instructors on hand in every class - to ensure ample individual attention for everyone. * We do not focus on coreographies - in fact we call it freestyle hooping with the goal of helping everyone develop their individual practice - we firmly believe that proper technique is more important than forced repetition.


For a consultation to determine which Level would suit you best, for registration information and for current class availability - contact Team Hoopla at classes@hooplaberlin.com ...and if you have any other questions at all about learning to hoop, we're more than happy to help!


Course cost: 8 lesson courses 120eu.

Probestunde: Single taster class (15eu).

Intro Workshops: 60min (20eu).

Private Intensive Lessons available by request.

Group lessons & Workshops available for private events // as an activity area at a public event.



With over 2500 hrs of class time teaching hooping, we've helped countless thousands of people how to find their groove and feel great about themselves ...and if you're reading this we'd be happy to help you too ;)


Currently we have 10 classes running a week at two of our locations in Berlin. Levels 1-6 take place in a large bright 250sqm studio in Prenzlauerberg and our intensive Advanced classes are in a quaint private studio in Mitte.




What are you waiting for?

Come and join the hip movement...


Just hoop it!

Sport • Dance • Freestyle • Hoops

A hoop is more than just a tool or a toy it is a life- style accessory and we believe that it should be as individual as the person buying it ...so with us you get to choose your own colours, design & style!


Ordering one is easy as 1 • 2 • 3 . . .


1 • Choose your design & size / see sizing tips below

2 • Decide on your colours & if you want extra grip

3 • Fill out the order form -or- you can also mail your request to: hoops@hooplaberlin.com


Our team will confirm your order and your hoop will be ready in 2-3 days time. You can pick it up in person at our Berlin office or we can have it delivered to you ...anywhere in the world.


Click the link to start >> order a hoop

All our hoops are 'travel-hoops' made using a solid joint and a one-piece-design for durability. We use special 25mm tubing that is rigid when opened up for stability but flexible enough to allow the hoops to coil down for easy transport. Every Hoopla!Hoop is made individually with meticulous care at our workshop in Berlin and we use the best ecofriendly materials sourced from around the world.


Prices start from 35eu.


What's my size??


That's easy... Regardless of body size EVERYONE should start with a 'standard' hoop - the size and weight of this hoop is the reason it's fun and easy to learn with. * This applies to all moves not just the basics... If you've tried a move and failed before, your hoop was probably too small, too light, too big or too heavy!


Hoop size is simple physics - the bigger the hoop the slower it and you need to move / the smaller and lighter a hoop the faster and more precisely you have to move to catch it's rhythm. * It's no problem to hoop fast with a big hoop but there's no going slow with a small hoop!


Once you're comfortable doing all the moves and feel you only like hooping fast, then and only then go on to a small size hoop...


Our Hoopla!Hoops do come in 3 sizes to satisfy all hoopabilities and speed requirements:


• The Standard - For all abilities - 110cm 700g

• The Dynamic - Intermediate skills - 102cm 650g

• The Trixter - Fast moves & off-body - 95cm 600g


* Ideally you should have all three sizes - different speeds for different moods & styles of music .oO°


OTHER HOOPS: PolyPro type small super-light hoops were designed by jugglers for hand-work and are not so satisfying on-body • Heavy OR Exercise-Hoops are made for waist hooping exercises only and are no fun at all for dancing ...or anything else really :)


If you have any questions about hoops or sizing, we're happy to help... hoops@hooplaberlin.com

* Music is an integral part of hooping! *


For a fine selection of specifically hoopable music check out the Hoopla!Music archive of taylor-made HoopTunes mixes ...for your hipshaking pleasure!



Mixed by Djme


Hoops and Hoopla! for an Event

Big or small, private, public or corporate, hoops can bring movement and a unique entertainment factor to any event!


...but not like the cliché 'someone on stage spinning dozens of hoops for 15min' our speciality is getting your audience involved in the action providing hours of hip-action.


Imagine actually having your guests moving and grooving, laughing and having a great time. Not only will they have loads of fun and learn how to do something that's positively good for them, more importantly they will definitely remember the day...



• The German Pavilion at EXPO2010 in Shanghai

• DMY International Design Festival (trade-show)

• Bread & Butter Fashion Fair (trade-show)

• TheKey.TO Sustainable Fashion (trade-show)

• The Hayward Gallery London (opening)

• Lange Nacht der Museén (opening)

• SMART Mercedes Benz Roadshow (event series)

• Namaste Ibiza (event)

• Karneval der Kulturen der Welt (parade)

• Electroswing Revolution (event)

• Fusion Festival (event)

• Zwei Raum Wohnung (video)


are just some of our past clients.



Our interActive HoopZone Packages come complete with instructors, a set of custom made adult size hoops and a groovy 'hoopable' soundtrack to help induce the hip movements - live dj is available on request - highly recommended for extra visual impact. Our Hoopla!HoopZone can easily be set up in nearly any space by our professional team. The portability of the set-up allows us to offer it for nearly any occasion, nearly anywhere in the world.


With over 15 years experience in event production, promotion and management our team is more than capable of helping you out with every detail...


InterActive HoopZones are ideal for...


Corporate events

Trade shows

Ice breakers

Private Parties


Opening events

Product Launches

Media events


Also available for...

Music videos

Film & Commercial work



To make any occasion memorable ...all you need to do is add a bit of Hoopla!


For tailor-made pricing on a HoopZone package contact Team Hoopla! at booking@hooplaberlin.com

Head office

Torstrasse 167

10115 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 4404 5749

+49 (0) 174 477 8379

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