Team Hoopla! was established in 2005 in Berlin to introduce Hooping & HoopKultur to Germany...

Our aim is to make hooping accessible for everyone not only performers and dancers. Our goal is to get every single adult to try on a proper adult-size hoop and feel the goodness, fun and incredible health benefits that hooping offers. Using the BiG HOOPs which started the original trend of hooping in California in the 90s and the proven Hoopla!Method™ our instructors have succesfully taught thousands of people how to move, groove and work it out with a hoop ...so what are YOU waiting for come and check out a class and see for yourself what the Hoopla!s all about...!




Next BEGINNERS COURSES Starting in September

New LEVEL 2 3 4 5 & ADVANCED also starting in September

Next Probestunde Sunday, Sept. 21st


...just send a request to classes@hooplaberlin.com to register.



For more info about proper adult hoops, unique hooping events and our super fun lessons & probestunden

• Contact Team Hoopla! The BiG Hoop experts



For fresh hoopNews, new course & event dates >> connect with Hoopla! on Facebook @ facebook.com/hooplaberlin.fanpage

For hip-shaking 'HoopTunes' Mixes direct from Berlin >> check out our sounds @ soundcloud.com/hooplaberlin



Lessons Probestunden Workshops

Whether you're an absolute beginner or already love hooping, we have a course to suit your hoop-ability. We teach hooping exclusively with BiG Hoops from Beginners to super Advanced levels. Each level consisting of 6 lessons packed full of moves - over 120 individual moves to work with!


For current class schedule, registration info and any questions regarding the classes, please contact Team Hoopla direct at classes@hooplaberlin.com


Hooping with an adult size hoop is so much fun and a great alternative to typical 'exercise'. So why fit in? Join a hoop class it'll keep you fit in the body and the mind ...and it'll help you with your smile too!


Regardless of your age, job or lifestyle, if you like music and want to move your body, you will have a great time learning to play with a hoop ...and you'll meet lovely like-minded people in the process :)


...come join the real HIP movement!


• We have 10 courses running on various levels.

• We have new Beginners courses starting monthly.

Course cost is 90eu (6 lessons).

Probestunden to try on a BiG hoop and get a feel for a class, take place every few weeks (cost 10eu).

Private Intensive Lessons available by request.

• Custom tailored Group lessons / Workshops available for any location or event in the world.




Looking for music you can really hoop to? Check out our Berlinstyle HoopTunes Mixes selected by DJ:ME exclusively for your hipshaking pleasure >> www.soundcloud.com/hooplaberlin



* NEW FOR BEGINNERS * Register now...


The next Beginner's Course is starting soon ...sign up early to make sure you get a spot (places are limited)!


• Come learn how to play with a hoop >> Have fun and do your body good!


Work up a sweat while we teach you how to move and groove using dozens of on/off-body moves & transfers plus loads of highlight moves in a fun 6-lesson course format.


Contact Team Hoopla! for all the info... classes@hooplaberlin.com


Hoops for Sport Dance Freestyle

We produce professional hoops for adults in Berlin since 2005. The hoops are designed from one piece of special tubing and are all made to be collapsible-for-travel. All Hoopla!Hoops are individually made with care. We use the best eco-friendly materials sourced from around the world.


Price for all sizes are starting from 35eu.



Made to order hoops...


A hoop is more than just a tool or a toy it is a life-style accessory so the way it looks should be as individual as the person buying it...


To order a custom made hoop:

1. Take a look at our Order sheet / Colour chart

2. Choose your colours & design

3. Mail your request to: hoops@hooplaberlin.com.


Our team will confirm your order and your hoop will be ready in 1-2 days time for pick up or delivery. We can deliver world wide - shipping charges vary.



Ready made hoops...


To grab a hoop today, just visit our Berlin retailer The Workaholic Shop where you can choose from a selection of ready-made Standard Size travel-hoops from our *Neon Collection.



Kastanienallee 60, 10119

Contact & info see below...


* The Neon Collection of Hoopla!Hoops with special neon grip-tape pattern are designed by artist R.Catton (rachelcatton.com).



What's my size??


When it comes to size we recommend EVERYONE should start with a standard size 'big' hoop!


A 'BiG' HOOP makes learning all the moves easier, which in turn makes the actual experience of hooping loads more satisfying...


NOTE: Forget about the 'belly-button rule' to size your hoop ...it is a myth! Regardless of your size, the size of the hoop simply determines how fast you need to move your body to keep the hoop going. ...the smaller the hoop the faster and more precisely you need to move with it - there is less time in a smaller hoop - it's limited by the little amount of space in it.


If you feel you need to hoop faster then and only then try a smaller size hoop...


• Hoopla!Hoops come in 3 sizes ...to satisfy all hoopabilities and speed requirements:


The Standard ...

Standard size / Beginner Hoop - 110cm 700g


The Dynamic ...

Medium size / Intermediate Hoop - 102cm 650g


The Trixter ...

Small size / Fast Hoop - 95cm 600g


Ideally you should have all three - different speeds for different styles of music .oO°


Hooping Events ...with Hoopla!

Adult-size hoops bring movement, action, entertainment and unforgettable memories with a distinct fun-factor to any professional event. Imagine your clients laughing, having a great time and actually getting involved ...while learning something that is not only loads of fun but also physically good for them!


An interActive HoopZone is ideal for...


Corporate events

Trade shows

Ice breakers

Private Parties


Product Launches

Media events

Music videos


Make your event absolutely memorable with hoops and a bit of Hoopla!


Our interActive HoopZone package can easily be set up in any large space (anywhere in the world!) by our professional team. The package includes the instructors equiped with a set of custom made adult size hoops designed for easy use by anyone ...and of course an appropriately 'hoopable' soundtrack also comes with the package to help induce the hip movements.


For tailor-made pricing on our HoopZone packages contact Team Hoopla! at booking@hooplaberlin.com


With over 15 years experience in event production, promotion and management our team is happy to help you out with every detail.



Past clients include:


• The German Pavilion at EXPO2010 in Shanghai

• DMY International Design Festival (trade-show)

• Bread & Butter Fashion Fair (trade-show)

• TheKey.TO Sustainable Fashion (trade-show)

• The Hayward Gallery London (opening)

• Lange Nacht der Museén (opening)

• SMART Mercedes Benz Roadshow (event series)

• Namaste Ibiza (event)

• Karneval der Kulturen der Welt (parade)

• Electroswing Revolution (event)

• Fusion Festival (event)

• Zwei Raum Wohnung (video)



Mo. Tu. We. Th. Fr. Sa. So.


7 1 - 3 - - 3

6 6 - 2 - - 4

3 - - - 1

Retail location


Kastanienallee 60

10119 Berlin

Open Mo-Sa 11-20h


Head office

Torstrasse 167

10115 Berlin

+49 (0) 30 4404 5749

+49 (0) 174 477 8379


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